Zofia Korbońska Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

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fot. Archiwum Fundacji im. Stefana Korbońskiego

Zofia Korbońska, (born 10.05.1915, died 16.08.2010)
Honorary Citizen of Warsaw from June 2006.
Resolution of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw No. LXXVI/2331/ 2006 of 13 June 2006.

Widow of the late Stefan Korboński, she was the closest collaborator of her husband – one of the founders of the Polish Underground State.
She graduated from the Maria Konopnicka Lower Secondary School in Warsaw and the Political Science School in Warsaw.
In 1941 she co-organised the launching of a secret radio station operated by the Directorate of the Civil Resistance which, from early 1941 until the end of war had been in permanent contact with the Polish Government in exile in London. She participated in the Warsaw Uprising. In June 1945, she was arrested by the NKVD with her husband and released after the formation of the Provisional Government of National Unity. In 1947, when Stefan Korboński was under the threat of being arrested by the communist authorities, they together escaped to Sweden. In November 1947 they moved to the United States, where Zofia Korbońska worked for the “Voice of America” and engaged herself in the activities of the American Polonia Congress. After her husband’s death, she co-founded the Stefan Korboński Foundation.
Her voice could be heard in public life, inter alia in the defence of the National Remembrance Institute. She was a member of the Honorary Committee for Celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of World War II and the 20th Anniversary of the Collapse of Communism in Central Europe. Decorated by President Lech Kaczyński with the Polonia Restituta Grand Cross of National Revival. The main protagonist in a 1998 documentary film entitled “On behalf of Poland”, under the direction of Alina Czerniakowska.