Vitaly Vladimirovich Klichko Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

Drukuj otwiera się w nowej karcie


Vitaly Vladimirovich Klichko 

Honorary Citizen of Warsaw since 9th June 2022

Ukrainian boxer, heavyweight world champion. Mayor of Kiev, Warsaw partner city. He was born in Byelovodskoye, in what is now Kyrgystan. He studied Physical Education at the University of Kiev, where he received a PhD in February 2000. His boxing career started with early kick-boxing trainings.

During his amateur career, he often trained at the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education. In 1996 he began a professional boxing career. In the same year, he won his first fight against Tony Bradham by KO in the 2nd round. Further victories paved the way to the most prestigious American boxing venues. In 1999 he was awarded a title of a WBO World Champion, what was followed by other master titles in the super-heavyweight category. In 2004 he became a WBC World Champion. After the 4-year hiatus, he returned to the boxing career.  In October 2008, during a boxing gala in Berlin, he defeated a Nigerian boxer, Samuel Peter, regaining the title of the heavyweight WBC World Champion. He fought his last match in September 2012, where he successfully defended his WBC Champion title in a victorious fight against Manuel Charra. 

Having withdrawn from the professional boxing, Vitaliy Klichko began a political career, standing at the helm of the UDAR Party (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms). In 2012 he received a seat in the Supreme Council of the Ukraine. He played an important role during the protests in Ukraine at the turn of 2013/2014 (the so-called Euromaydan). In May 2014 he won the mayoral elections in Kiev. Since the beginning of the military actions conducted by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, Vitaliy Klichko has displayed an extreme courage and determination to defeat the aggressor. Leading by example, he joined the Territorial Defense shortly before the outbreak of hostilities and attempted to instill the Kiev residents with the same qualities he has shown numerous times in the boxing ring. He uses his connections and celebrity status to bring the global attention to the situation in Ukraine and mobilizes his compatriots to defend their capital and homeland, attempting to instill Kiev residents with the same qualities he has shown numerous times in the boxing ring. During the defense of the capital, crucial for thwarting Vladimir Putin’s plan to seize the power in Ukraine, and for defending the sovereignty of the country, he has shown tremendous valour, determination, and patriotism, effectively becoming the symbol of fighting Kiev. As a mayor, he closely monitors the situation in the city, maintains contact with the citizens and does everything to keep them safe and inform them of all changes. He also attempts to keep the raise the morale of all who found themselves trapped in the middle of a military conflict.  Despite difficult situation, he declined the opportunity to leave the country.
On 4th of March 2022, during the 9th Summit of Cities and Regions in Marseilles, he has been awarded by a honorary membership in the European Regional Committee.

(Phot. source: Facebook)