Stanisław Wyganowski Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

Drukuj otwiera się w nowej karcie

Stanisław Wyganowski, (born in 1919, died in 2017)
Honorary Citizen of Warsaw since May 2012.

Stanisław Wyganowski was born in Ligota (Łask District) in 1919, a Doctor of Economics,  urban planner, Local-Government activist, and between 1990 and 1994 The Mayor of the City of Warsaw. Died in Warsaw in 2017.  

He participated in the September Campaign of 1939, and during the Nazi occupation he served  in the Home Army (2nd Infantry Division, “Jodła” district among others), taking part in Operation “Tempest”.

His professional life revolved around Warsaw, and since 1950 he worked in institutions connected to urban economics: the Housing Institute, the North East Warsaw Design Office, the Urban Planning Studio of the Warsaw Voivodeship, the Institute of Urban Planning and Architecture (at first as an academic staff member, then as Head of this Institute).
For 10 years he gave lectures at  the Warsaw and Gdańsk Universities of Technology. He was a member of the Committee of Urban Planning of the Country and the Institute of Urban Planning and Architecture of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In 1974 he took up a contract in Algeria, where he worked on a Polish team on the plan of the city of Algiers. In 1980 he came back to Poland and started working as an Associate Professor  in the Institute of Environmental Development.
He is an honorary member of the Society of Urban Planners.
Due to his numerous merits and achievements, in 1990 he was nominated by the Prime Minister, Tadeusz Mazowiecki, as the Mayor of the City of Warsaw, and this nomination was later confirmed by the Warsaw Elective Assembly. Taking the position of Mayor at the initial stage in the change in the political system, at the time when the legitimate Local Government was being created, Stanisław Wyganowski assigned the most urgent long-term tasks that the Capital city had to complete at the time of the breakthrough. He organised the Warsaw City Hall, and outlined the vision of the City’s development. Thanks to him it was possible to create the right atmosphere for Warsaw and its projects, and this task was exceptionally difficult in the face of political disputes, conflicts and discussions on the Capital City’s political structure. He included his creed in this field in the work entitled “Jutro wielka Waszawa” (“Tomorrow the Great Warsaw”), published in 1993 .
Stanisław Wyganowski was in love with his City. He participated in debates and meetings devoted to various aspects of contemporary Warsaw.

He has been honoured with the Home Army Cross, the Home Army Cross for the Operation “Tempest”, the Gold Cross of Merit, the Commander’s Cross of Polonia Restituta, and the Cross of Merit for Algeria.