Professor Witold Kieżun Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

Drukuj otwiera się w nowej karcie

Witold Kieżun, (born 6 February 1922 in Vilnius, died 12 June 2021 in Warsaw)
Honorary Citizen of Warsaw since May 2012.

Prof. Witold J. Kieżun was born in Vilnius in 1922. a Professor of Economics, an academic, a management theoretician, a representative of the Polish School of praxeology, a soldier in the Polish Home Army (AK), a second lieutenant during WWII, a partisan during the Warsaw Uprising and a prisoner in Soviet gulags.
In 1931, he moved to Warsaw, where in 1939 he graduated from Prince Józef Poniatowski Humanities Junior High and High School. In 1942, the degree of Technician – Engineer of Machine Design of was conferred upon him, after finishing his course of studies at School of Machine Design and Power Engineering. After that he started to attend secret classes in the Law Department of Warsaw University.
He was a part of the military underground from October 1939, and during the Warsaw Uprising he fought under the alias "Wypad" in the special task force "Harnaś." In August 1944, he was awarded the Polish Cross of Valour. On 23 August 1944, the Commander of Polish Home Army (AK), General Bor-Komorowski, honoured him with the War Order of Virtuti Militari and promoted to the rank of second lieutenant. After surrendering, he escaped from German captivity near Ożarów.
In March 1945, he was arrested in Cracow by NKVD. After ahrsh interrogation, he was sent into Krasnowodsk Gulag in the Kara-kum Desert. After a year, he returned to the country pursuant to amnesty act.
After acquiring the title of Master of Law at Jagiellonian University, he moved to Warsaw and started to work in the National Bank of Poland and later filled the vacancy of an assistant lecturer at the Main School of Planning and Statistics (now the Warsaw School of Economics). In 1961, he furthered his academic career by taking part in a doctoral seminar, under the guidance of Prof. Jan Zieleniawski at the Polish Academy of Sciences Praxeology Institute. After three years, in 1964, he received his PhD  in the field of Administration and Management. It took him only five years to defend  his thesis in the same field, and finally, in 1975, he was awarded with the title of Professor.
 He emigrated in 1980. He taught Management at Temple University in Philadelphia and at the University of Montreal.  He worked in Burundi, first as a UN and later as a Canadian representative.
He appeared as a guest lecturer in many Polish universities in the 90’s, including  Kozminski University and the Pultusk Academy of Humanities.