prof. Wojciech Noszczyk Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

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Prof. Wojciech Noszczyk

Honorary Citizen of Warsaw since 18th June 2020


Scientist, Full Professor of Medicine, surgeon. Born in 1935 in Warsaw.  His father Henryk Noszczyk, Officer of the Polish Army and associate professor at the Surgery Clinic of the University of Warsaw, died in Katyń.

Graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw in 1960. After a residency in the City Hospital at Kasprzaka St. began work at the 4th Surgery Clinic of the Medical University of Warsaw. In 1960-1964 he was a doctoral student while also working at the Department of Experimental Pathology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In 1980-2005 the head of the 1st Clinic of General and Vascular Surgery of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw, and for another year the acting head of that clinic. Became Professor in 1982. In 1981-1983 deputy dean of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw, and in the 2003-2005 term dean of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education of the Medical University of Warsaw. National consultant in vascular surgery for over 10 years until 2002. In 1973-1983 member of the scientific council of the Postgraduate Medical Education Centre, and in 1993-1995 member of the Science Council and Healthcare Council at the President of the Republic of Poland.

Head of the Gloria Medicinae Medal Committee for many years.   

Milestones in the scientific and research work of Wojciech Noszczyk:

- developing in 1966-1975 (along with engineers) an original method of producing Polish vascular prostheses and then sealing their walls, as well as carrying out experimental and clinical assessments of the properties of those prostheses and participating in their introduction to the domestic and foreign markets.

- designing, carrying out (1979 i 1993) and processing the results of epidemiological studies of acute ischaemia at surgical wards across the country,

- designing, coordinating and cooperating (1980-1988) in the processing of results of the study of atherosclerosis of the lower extremities in all Polish vascular surgery clinics,

- designing and carrying out studies of the viability of various diagnostic methods in diagnosing the narrowing and defects of internal carotid arteries and participation in processing study results.

- preparing publications regarding the development of Warsaw and Vilnius surgery in the 19th century and the achievements of Polish surgery in the middle of the 20th and early 21st centuries.

Professor Wojciech Noszczyk carried out over 10 thousand surgeries. Author of several hundred scientific publications in Poland and abroad.  

Decorated with Commander's Cross and Commander’s Cross with Start of the Order of Polonia Restituta.