prof. Władysław Findeisen Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

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prof. Władysław Findeisen

Honorary Citizen of Warsaw since 18th June 2020

Born in 1926 in Poznań. In 1944, under secret schooling, he passed his Matura exam in the Stanisław Staszic General Secondary School in Warsaw and joined the Home Army. Took part in the Warsaw Uprising, fighting in the Śródmieście and Mokotów Districts. Captured and taken to a stalag and returned to Poland in 1945. That year he began his studies at the Faculty of Telecommunications of the Warsaw University of Technology, which he completed in 1949. Started working at the Warsaw University of Technology before graduation as an assistant to Prof. Kazimierz Drewnowski. In 1954 obtained a PhD and three years later received the title of docent. In 1962 became Associate Professor and, almost ten years later, Full Professor. In 1971 became a corresponding member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and in 1986 a regular member. Member of the Warsaw Scientific Society since 1982.

Became vice-chancellor following 1981’s first free elections for the authorities of the Warsaw University of Technology after the war. In a difficult time he alleviated conflicts and protected students, carrying the university through the Martial Law. In 1984 re-elected vice-chancellor of the Warsaw University of Technology despite opposition from both university and non-university bodies of  the Polish United Workers’ Party. In 1986-90 headed the Primate’s Social Council and was member of the Lech Wałęsa Civic Committee, as well as participated in the sessions of the Round Table. Elected a senator of the Republic of Poland twice, in 1989 and 1991.

In his scientific career he mainly dealt with the theory and techniques of automatic regulation, hierarchical control theory and the  theory and computational methods of optimisation.

The list of his publications contains more than 120 items, including 80 scientific articles and 6 books.
Supervisor of 37 doctoral students, of which 11 obtained post-doctoral degrees. Awarded 4 honoris causa doctorates.

Decorated with the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, the Home Army Cross, the Warsaw Uprising Cross and the Medal of National Education.