prof. Marek Kwiatkowski Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

Drukuj otwiera się w nowej karcie

Professor Marek Kwiatkowski, (born 25 April 1930, died 10 August 2016)
Honorary Citizen of Warsaw since July 2003.
Resolution of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw No. XIV/174/2003 of 3 July 2003.

Polish art historian, museologist, and varsavianist.
He was born in Caen, France, but was educated in Warsaw. He is an author of numerous books and publications, including fifteen books on Warsaw and Polish art.
He is credited for organising many exhibitions and museum exhibits and for taking care of palace residences. His achievements include the consolidation and organisation of the Royal Baths palace-garden complex and the Gallery of Polish Sculpture. A publicist and populariser of Warsaw’s historical monuments, in the building of Stara Pomarańczarnia (the Old Orangery) he created the first Gallery of Polish Sculpture in the country. Apart from his work at the Royal Baths he became involved in the reconstruction of Królikarnia (the Rabbit House), turning it into the Xawery Dunikowski Museum. He was the first curator of the reconstructed Royal Castle in Warsaw. He was responsible for interior decor in the Palace in Otwock Wielki. He greatly contributed to the establishment of the Museum of John Paul II Collection. Besides his many other diverse passions, he often devotes himself to painting, creating mostly realist landscapes. He renovated the 18th Century historical manor in Sucha, where he founded the private Museum of Wooden Architecture of the Siedlce Region, which he considers as a crowning achievement in his involvement in saving the assets of national culture. In 1983 he became a member of the Warsaw Scientific Society. In 2002 he became the Grand Master of the Order of Saint Stanislaus. He is also a Knight of the Order of Smile.