Michał Sumiński Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

Drukuj otwiera się w nowej karcie

Michał Jan Sumiński, (born 13 July 1915, died 24 December 2011)
Honorary Citizen of Warsaw since May 2009.

Born in Warsaw, a forest officer, zoologist, yacht captain and journalist, the author of many books and articles.
Sumiński graduated from the Faculty of Forestry at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Zoology at the University of Warsaw, he also obtained the ranks of  sea yacht master and sailing instructor.
In 1943 he was imprisoned in the notorious Pawiak prison, from where he was removed to KL Auschwitz, and then to the Mauthausen-Gusen camp; On 5 May 1945  the camp was freed by the American army.
After the war he started working in Pomorska Spółka Rybacka in Bydgoszcz, where he was responsible for residential and social matters of the fishermen, who were coming to the Western Lands. Then he worked as the Chief Inspector for Naval Education in the Main Board of Naval League in Warsaw. He was also the captain of the sailing ship “Generał Zaruski.”
For the first time, he sat in front of a radio microphone in 1935. After the war, in 1955 he started working for the broadcasting station “Kraj”(The Country), and in 1958 for Polskie Radio. For many years he managed the Head Editor’s Office of the Radio Broadcast for Poles Abroad for Australia and South America, and later on “For those on the sea.” A wonderful storyteller, who has had his name engraved in the memory of millions of Poles as „Mr. Michał” (“Pan Michał”) – a host of the TV program “Zwierzyniec,” which was popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s and lasted for 20 years. In this program he explained matters concerning nature, taught how to protect the nature, encouraged observing and watching animals, and told countless anecdotes from the animal world. He can also pride himself on two film roles - in  “Dziewczyna i chłopak” (1980) and “Ga, Ga. Chwała bohaterom” (1985). He is the main character of the autobiographical film “Pan Zwierzyniec.”