Kazimierz Leski Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

Drukuj otwiera się w nowej karcie

Kazimierz Leski, (born 21 June 1912, died 27 May 2000)
Honorary Citizen of Warsaw from 1995.
Resolution of the Council of Capital City of Warsaw No. XVIII/101/1995 of 10 April 1995.

AK (Home Army) soldier, machine and warship construction engineer, inventor. Born in Warsaw, he graduated from the Władysław IV Secondary School No. 8,  the Warsaw Institute of Technology and the Delft Institute of Technology in the Netherlands.
At the beginning of World War II, as a pilot of the Lublin R-XVII F plane, he was shot down by the Red Army, injured, taken prisoner and escaped to Lviv. Then he got to Warsaw. He joined the Polish Intelligence Organization Muszkieterzy (the Musketeers). After its dissolution he was moved to the Union of the Armed Struggle and then to the second Unit of the AK Headquarters. He dealt with communication intelligence and counter-intelligence and also created courier tracks on the west front. He participated in the Warsaw Uprising, fighting as a commander of Miłosz AK battalion company. For his bravery he was awarded Virtuti Militari Cross and the Cross of Valour (3 times). He was head of the AK West Territory Staff, and then was head of the Armed Forces Delegation. In autumn 1945 he was arrested and imprisoned for 10 years.
After rehabilitation in 1957 he worked in the shipping industry and then became a research fellow and the headmaster of the Scientific Information Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He was the originator of many patents and about 150 scientific studies. He was an organiser of the inventing movement and an honorary President of the Polish Inventors and Rationalisers Society.
When Poland regained sovereignty in 1989 he became chairman of the Warsaw Insurgents Union.