Kardinal Józef Glemp Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

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Cardinal Józef Glemp, (born 18 December 1929, died 23 January 2013)
Honorary citizen of Warsaw since 6 April 2000
Resolution of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw No. XXI/221/2000 from 06/04/2000

A Catholic Cleric, Archbishop of Warsaw, senior Primate of Poland, Presbyter Cardinal.
After his maturity exam (Polish: matura) he entered the The Archbishop's Ecclesiastical Seminary in Gniezno. He was ordained to the priesthood on 25 May 1956. In the years 1972-1979, as assistant to Professor H. Kupiszewski, he gave classes on Roman law and later on marital law at the Faculty of Canonic Law of the Catholic Theology Academy in Warsaw, and as a delegate of Primate-Great Chancellor of the Catholic Theology Academy he participated in the registration and conferment procedure for doctoral and post-doctoral degrees at this college. In March 1975 he conducted the nostrification of his doctorate at the above-mentioned faculty. As didactic assistance for his students, in 1974 in the ATK publishing house he published The Lexiculum of Roman Law that was the first work of its kind in Poland. At this time he wrote many articles on canonic law and the history of the Church, which were published in national and foreign magazines, as well as joint publications. On 7 July 1981, the day before Martial Law was introduced, Father Bishop Józef Glemp was nominated by Pope John Paul II an Archbishop and Metropolitan Bishop of Warsaw and Gniezno and Primate of Poland. In a famous sermon on 13 December he said “I will ask and beg, even on my knees - do not join in the fight of Pole against Pole.”
Primate Glemp fought for the amnesty of the convicted and interned during Martial Law. For eleven years The Primate Assistance Committee for the Deprived of Freedom functioned by his side. In those difficult times he led two papal pilgrimages to his homeland. Engaged in pastoral work with the Polish community abroad, he often visits Poles in the East. He is an initiator of ecumenical meetings with hierarchs of other denominations. He is a holder of an honorary doctorate of many national and foreign universities. He contributed to intensive activity and religiousness, as well as work for the poor and the needy of the Church in the capital city.
Cardinal Józef Glemp initiated a return to the idea of the construction of the National Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw, as a votive offering of the Polish nation for the gift of returned freedom. He is an honorary citizen of many cities: Warsaw, Inowrocław, Mogilno, Żnino, Darłowo, Miechów, Piastów, Łowicz and Casel Sant Elia i Coidroipo in Italy, and he also possesses many decorations. In November 2000 he received the Giorgio La Pira Peace Prize (Premio Della Pace “Giorgio La Pira” 2000) in Pistoia, in recognition of his conduct during Martial Law in Poland, and in September 2003 he received a Statue of a “Gold Hippolyte” and the rank of an “Outstanding Personality of Organic Work”, given by the “Hippolyte Cegielski Society. The Father Primate’s work includes numerous books and press publications.