Juliusz Kulesza Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

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Juliusz Kulesza

Honorary Citizen of Warsaw since 6th July 2023.
Home Army soldier, participant in the Warsaw Uprising, graphic designer, historian and football enthusiast. A faithful fan of the Polonia Warszawa team since before the war. He received a solid pre-war education imbued with a patriotic spirit. Throughout his life he has been associated with the Polish Security Printing Works. His father worked there, and he not only served his apprenticeship there, but also persevered in defending its edifice during the Uprising. He is the author of several dozen publications.
From the second day of the Warsaw Uprising until 26 August 1944, together with the Home Army unit PWB/17/S (Underground Banknote Factory), initially as a liaison officer and then as a gunner, "Julek" took part in the battles for the PWPW complex at Sanguszki Street and Rybaki Street. Its commander was Corporal Roman Marchel "Rom". After the capitulation of the Uprising, he left Warsaw with the civilian population and was sent to Dulag 121 in Pruszków, from which he escaped twice.
In 1945 Juliusz Kulesza moved to Łódź, where he passed his matriculation exams at the Gabriel Narutowicz Secondary School of General Education. In 1948 he returned to Warsaw and began his studies at the State Higher School of Visual Arts in Warsaw (since 1950 called the Academy of Fine Arts). After being awarded a diploma from Tadeusz Kulisiewicz's unit in 1954, he began working as a publishing graphic designer. For more than 30 years, he has completed around eight hundred projects that have appeared in print. From 1956 to 1958 he was a member of the art group "Korekta". He joined the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, participated in many national and international exhibitions and also presented his works individually on several occasions. From 1966 to 1972 he worked as a graphic designer for the television magazine "Refleksje" ("Reflections"). He also conducted classes entitled: "Graphics of the modern press" with students of the journalism department at the University of Warsaw.

For many years, Mr Juliusz Kulesza has been involved in promoting knowledge and remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising, treating it as a continuation of the insurgent service. His involvement has resulted in more than a dozen books on the insurgency and the Nazi occupation and many entries in the Encyclopaedia of the Warsaw Uprising. In 1979 he published his first book on this subject - "Z Tasiemką na czołgi". It documents the events in which he participated in August 1944. 

He has been honoured and awarded several times for his contribution to preserving historical memory and passing it on to future generations. In May 2015, he was awarded the title of Custodian of National Memory by the Institute of National Remembrance. His book "Przeciw konfidentom i czołgom" ("Against informers and tanks"), published in 1996 (together with Robert Bielecki), which tells the story of the 993/W unit, which was in charge of putting to death traitors and Germans, was honoured with the "Nike" award. His book portrait of the place where he spent his childhood, "Sen o Rybakach", published in 2015, lived to receive a mention in the Hanna Szwankowska Varsaviana competition 2014/2015.

Mr Juliusz Kulesza has been decorated on numerous occasions, including Cross of Valour, Knight's and Officer's Crosses of the Order of Polonia Restituta. 

In 2018 he was promoted to the rank of captain in the Polish Army.

(photo by Fryderyk M. Nowak for the Office of the Capital City of Warsaw)

Title awarded by resolution of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw No. LXXXIV/2726/2023