Jan Nowak-Jeziorański Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

Drukuj otwiera się w nowej karcie

Jan Nowak Jeziorański, (born 2 October 1914, died 20 January 2005)
Honorary Citizen of Warsaw since July 2003.
Resolution No. XIV/174/2003 of the Warsaw City Council of July, 2003.

Born to  a family with a tradition of supporting Poland’s independence. After graduating from high school in the Adam Mickiewicz  Capital Gymnasium, he studied economics at the University of Poznań. He partook in the September Campaign in 1939, then worked in the Union of Armed Struggle. He was incorporated into the “N” Action leading diversion in the Polish territories incorporated into the Reich and on the territory of Germany.
Since the beginning of 1943 he was the courier of the Home Army to the Polish government in London. He carried a special correspondence and confidential reports. He was sent to London in order to establish contact between the main commander of the Home Army, Tadeusz Bór-Komorowski, and the commander-in-chief, Kazimierz Sosnkowski. He submitted a report on the situation in the occupied country to the highest Polish authorities in London. After returning to Poland he took part in the Warsaw Uprising. In December 1944 he managed to escape to London, where he initially worked for the BBC.

Since the establishment of Radio Wolna Europa (1949) he worked in it. From 1952 to 1976 he was a director of the Polish Broadcasting RWE. He fought against censorship and monopoly of information of communist authorities. Thanks to him, the whole world learned about the repression against opponents of the communist system and the Catholic church. He sought recognition by the West of the Polish border on the Oder and Neisse rivers. After retirement he settled in the U.S., where he joined in the activities of the Polish American Congress. He was an advisor for Eastern Europe sector in the U.S. State Department.
Since 1989, he often visited Poland and in July 2002, he returned to Poland permanently. In 1996 he became a member of the Board of Counselors of the Ossoliński National Institute. He was decorated with the Virtuti Militari Order and the Order of the White Eagle. In 1996 he was awarded the highest American civilian distinction - Medal of Freedom. He received the doctorate honoris causa from the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań and Wrocław University and an honorary citizenship of many Polish cities.