Bishop Józef Zawitkowski Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

Drukuj otwiera się w nowej karcie

fot. Adam Dziura

Bishop Józef Zawitkowski, (Wał, the District of Nowe Miasto by the Pilica River, 23 November 1938 - Warsaw 29 October 2020)
An Honorary Citizen of Warsaw since June 2008.

Born on 23 November 1938 in Wał, the District of Nowe Miasto by the Pilica River. In 1956 he entered the Warsaw Seminary, and on 20 May 1962 he was ordained to the priesthood by Primate Stefan Wyszyński.
He was a vicar in Krośniewice, Legionowo, in the parish of Saint Paul’s Conversion in Warsaw, in the parish of Saint Zygmunt in Bielany in Warsaw and in the Warsaw metropolitan cathedral and as a resident in the parish of  Infant Jesus in Żoliborz. He also worked at the Department of Pastoral Work in the Warsaw Metropolitan Curia. In 1978 he became parish priest of the Gołąbki parish and in 1984 he became parish priest in the collegiate church of Łowicz. He graduated from the “Musica Sacra” Institute, majoring in musical studies in Anin and then he graduated from Warsaw Theological Academy, majoring in musicology. In the years 1990-1992 he was Łowicz Bishop Suffragan in the Warsaw Archdiocese , then he became Assistant Bishop of the Łowicz Diocese. He was also the general vicar of the Łowicz curia, a poet and a composer.
He gave many sermons during Holy Masses transmitted from the Holy Cross Church in Warsaw in the first Programme of the Polish Radio from 1980 (that is since the start of Holy Mass radio transmissions) until 2006.
He composed small musical forms for choirs and vocal groups. Among his songs the most famous ones include Lord, As Good As Bread (words), to which the music was composed by Prelate Wiesław Kądziela. He also prints his works under the pseudonym Father Tymoteusz. In this way he published, i.a., a popular prayer book entitled My Lord,  and books ...I will talk to the Lord and He is somebody. On 5 November 2007 Bishop Zawitkowski was awarded the Medal for Merit to Culture - Gloria Artis medal.