Archbishop Kazimierz Romaniuk Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

Drukuj otwiera się w nowej karcie

Archbishop Kazimierz Romaniuk, (born 21 August 1927)
Honorary Citizen of Warsaw since July 2004.
Resolution of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw No. XXXII/723/2004 of 1 July 2004.

A Polish Roman Catholic bishop, Auxiliary Bishop of Warsaw in the years 1982-1992, Diocesan Bishop of Warsaw- Praga in 1992-2004, since 2004 Senior Bishop of the Diocese of Warsaw-Praga, a Professor of biblical teachings.
He was ordained priest on 16 December 1951 in Warsaw by Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński. He was a vicar in Raszyn and Warsaw. He continued his studies in Rome and Jerusalem. He has been a professor and since 1971 Rector of the Seminary in Warsaw, and a lecturer at the Catholic University of Lublin and the Academy of Catholic Theology.
On 20 February 1982, he was appointed an Auxiliary Bishop of Warsaw and the Titular Bishop of Sicca Venaria. He was consecrated on 4 March 1982 by Cardinal Józef Glemp. On 25 March 1992, he was appointed the first Diocesan Bishop of the newly-created Diocese of Warsaw-Praga. Ingress to the cathedral took place on 12 April 1992.
In autumn 1997 - after decades of work - he completed the translation of the entire Scriptures from the original languages into Polish (Biblia Warszawsko-Praska (the Warsaw-Praga Bible)); this is the first translation of the Bible into Polish after 400 years made by one translator. He is an author of 65 books and about 450 scientific articles in national and foreign magazines.