Aleksander Gieysztor Honorary Citizen of Warsaw

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fot. Tadeusz Późniak "Polityka"

Aleksander Gieysztor, (born 17 July 1916 - died 9 February 1999)
An Honorary Citizen of Warsaw from April 1992.
Resolution of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw No. XXX/168/92 of 13 April 1992.

An eminent scholar and historian for almost all his life connected with Warsaw. He lived in the capital from 1921. During the occupation he was active in the underground army. He took part in the Warsaw Uprising, where he was taken prisoner. During the war he connected underground activities with academic activities – he taught at the Secret University, and in 1942 he got a Ph.D. degree. In July 1945, he became a lecturer at Państwowy Instytut Historii Sztuki i Inwentaryzacji Zabytków (National Institute of Art History and Inventories of Architecture), and in September he became a lecturer at the University of Warsaw. In 1949, he was appointed as Associate Professor in medieval Polish history at the University of Warsaw. He was a director of the Institute of History at the University of Warsaw until 1975. As a historian, he was involved in the reconstruction of Warsaw. In the years 1980 - 1991 he was a director of the Royal Castle. As the first and long-term director of the Castle, he was involved in its reconstruction from the beginning, and before that with research.
Alexander Gieysztor was a long-term President of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He wrote many books and publications in the field of history.
He founded the Pułtusk Academy of Humanities, with which he was very much connected. By the end of his life he lectured there, being one of the most respected and liked lecturers by the students.
Awarded the Order of the White Eagle. An Honorary Citizen of the City of Warsaw and the City of Pułtusk, a member of many academies of sciences and scientific societies around the world, an honorary Doctor of the Sorbonne in Paris and the Jagiellonian University, Adam Mickiewicz University and the Catholic University of Lublin, and a guest lecturer at many universities.